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Mortgage rates shown apply to conforming mortgage loans, and are subject to change at any time. TexStar Bank offers all types of fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans with different down payment options. 

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

*APY is based on quarterly interest payments for all terms greater than or equal to 3 months."

Call Lisa at 659-4000 for more information and to start your mortgage application process.  Use our mortgage calculators to estimate your payments.

Checking Interest APY
As of 6/21/2014
Savings Interest APY
As of 6/21/2012
Mortgage Interest APY
Call Lisa Morales at
for current mortgage rates
CD APY (36 Months)
As of 3/25/2013
CD APY (24 Months)
As of 3/25/2013
CD APY (12 Months)
As of 12/3/2013
CD APY (6 Months)
As of 12/3/2013
CD APY (3 Months)
As of 12/3/2013
CD APY (1 Month)
As of 12/3/2013
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