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The Power Of Giving Back

As part of our commitment to the community, we are reaching out to local churches, Christian schools and ministries through our Covenant Program. When you choose to participate in the program, TexStar Bank will help your organization better manage its resources and we will also make a financial contribution to your ministry.

How It Works

The Covenant Program has two important components. The first involves churches, church schools and other faith-based organizations. When you participate in the Covenant Program, we’ll help you manage your deposits, meet your credit needs and make a contribution to your organization. The contribution is based on a percentage of your average deposit balances and is made at the end of the year.

The second component involves the members of your congregation, school or organization. All members who become TexStar Bank customers via personal, business or other qualified accounts, qualify for a special package of services to meet their banking, savings, lending and other financial needs. As an extra added benefit, we’ll include their deposits with your organization’s deposits when we calculate our year-end contribution to your organization. This gives you another way to generate revenues.

Banking In Good Faith

TexStar Bank is proud to earn your business. We believe in the strong values of serving the community and operating with financial wisdom, and we’ve built our company on these very ideas. When you bank with us, we’re committed to taking care of you and the members of your organization as part of our growing banking family.

When your congregation trusts TexStar to meet its financial needs, you’ll find us a dedicated and loyal partner. In addition to our pledge to give back a percentage of the deposits of both your organization and your members, we also offer the following TexStar Bank Covenant Program benefits:

  • Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) Checking
  • Higher-Yielding Money Market Accounts
  • Certificate’s of Deposit (CD’s)
  • Building Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Mission Outreach Financing
  • Business Lines of Credit

Members of your church congregation, school or ministry are also eligible for a free checking account and other standard TexStar Bank benefits as long as your organization banks with TexStar. Congregation business owners have an added opportunity for business loans including SBA loans from a Preferred SBA Lender. TexStar is also equipped for remote capturing, electronic tithing and giving through credit cards.

Join TexStar and Get More

Your organization and its members have to bank somewhere. Why not bank where your deposits will make a financial impact for your organization. The Covenant Program will reward you in a number of valuable ways. The most important of these is money back for your deposits. The more you put into our bank, the more you get back. Our program will help you build a stronger foundation for your organization.

We’ll work with you and your congregation to help you reach your financial goals.