Remote Capture
Make Your Deposits Without Going to the Bank
Capture and send digital images of checks you receive from your customers directly to TexStar Bank over a secure Internet connection right from your desk.

  • How it works
  • • TexStar's Remote Deposit Capture is a secure web-based service that operates on your existing computer hardware.
  • • TexStar will coordinate the delivery of an approved check scanner.
  • • Items will be scanned, balanced and delivered over the Internet on a secure connection to TexStar Bank.
  • • You will receive a message and confirmation number confirming your deposit.
  • • The funds are credited to your account.
  • • You may view and print images of deposited checks by logging into our Remote Deposit secure website.
  • • Securely store the original checks at your office for your records.

  • Advantages
  • • Less trips to the bank, providing more time for you and less money spent on fuel.
  • • Your money gets to the bank faster.
  • • Transmit checks anytime (make deposits on your schedule, not the bank's).
  • • Save on deposit preparation costs (deposit tickets are not necessary and you can stop copying all those checks for your records).
  • • Spend time caring for your business, not paperwork.

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