Top reasons to bank local

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Banking Local: How Local Banks Assist Your Business

Taking your money to a national or worldwide bank has its advantages. These banks have often pioneered advancements in banking technology. They also offer an extremely wide array of financial services, sometimes including stock trading and peer-to-peer banking.

But for all their pros, there are many more cons. It can sometimes take hours to get on the phone with a representative. Don’t even think about talking to a personal financial advisor that’s knowledgeable about your individual financial situation. And checking and savings accounts are often marred by monthly fees. So where should you keep your money? In a small, local bank.

Local Bank – Local Interests

Large, multinational banks have their hands in a lot of different financial pots. They don’t just work with your standard loans and savings accounts. They work with mutual funds and a variety of brokerage accounts. This is great and all, but this means that the large banks can’t focus on the most important part of their business: you.

Small, local banks like TexStar focus mostly on loans, checking accounts, and savings accounts. This means that they not only specialize in a few specific areas of banking, but that they care about what happens with their money when it leaves the bank. Where does their money go? Usually to other small, local businesses. Local banks care about local businesses and want them to thrive and prosper. This means that you are your bank’s number one priority, not shareholders or a board of directors a thousand miles away.

A Local Bank’s Biggest Asset

But business banking is only a part of what we do. Local banks care about communities, too. We offer a wide range of services to communities like savings and checking accounts, which allow local businesses’ customers to prosper. And when your customers prosper, your business prospers, too.

It’s also important to note that local banks are also more likely to support other local organizations like schools, churches, and other community nonprofits. Take our Covenant Program, for example. We offer special assistance to local schools, ministries, and other nonprofits to help better manage their resources. We even give a financial contribution to these organizations to ensure their prosperity. We care about our community and want to see it succeed.

Still not convinced? Call or come in to a local TexStar Bank branch today. See for yourself why the only logical place to keep your money is in the community.

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